How to trade NBXB tokens on PancakeSwap

2 min readJul 27, 2021

Your wallet containing NBXB tokens is ready, you used the Bridge to swap NBX coins for NBXB tokens.

And the next step now is trading on DEX. For this tutorial, we’ll use PancakeSwap as an example.

STEP 1. Open your Netbox Browser and add “NBXB” as a custom token on PancakeSwap by following the instructions at this link. (Select “I understand” and click “Import”)

Import NBXB token to PancakeSwap.

STEP 2. Connect your Metamask Wallet to PancakeSwap from the top right corner, then fill in the desired amount of WBNB (BNB) or NBXB to swap and follow the instructions to confirm the transaction.

BNB / NBXB swap example.

After the swap is complete, you can view your transaction details and updated NBXB (WBNB, BNB) token holdings balance in the “Activity” tab of your Metamask Wallet.

STEP 3. Adding Liquidity to NBXB/WBNB(BNB) pair on PancakeSwap.

If you are interested in adding liquidity to the NBXB/WBNB(BNB) pool, please visit here.

You will need to provide equal amounts of NBXB and WBNB (BNB) in order to provide liquidity to the NBXB/WBNB(BNB) token pair. By providing liquidity you will earn 0.17% on all trades of this pair, proportional to your share of the pool. Fees are added to the pool, accrue in real time, and can be claimed by withdrawing your liquidity.

📌 In the coming days, we will be launching additional incentives to liquidity providers which will boost the investment returns of staking NBXB.

Adding liquidity to NBXB/BNB Pool.

You can also check out the PancakeSwap guide on How to Add/Remove Liquidity for more information!

The official NBXB contract link on BSCScan can be found here.

Happy trading!

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