Netbox.Bridge Token: use case and purpose explained

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Netbox.Browser and its components were designed to revolutionize the web experience and provide solutions to internet-related problems caused by human interference. One of the many components of the Netbox.Browser is Netbox.Bridge, which this article will discuss in detail.

Netbox.Bridge was made to facilitate seamless interactions between itself and other blockchain networks. The recently issued Netbox.Bridge token (NBXB) is a key part of this program and maintains a peg to Netbox coin (NBX).

Netbox.Bridge Token or Wrapped NBX

NBXB (same as wrapped NBX) is what Netbox.Bridge uses to move funds from one chain to another. As we all know, cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies residing or operating within a particular blockchain. NBXB, like any other token, represents a specific unit of value. However, it maintains a peg of value to the NBX coin, and serves the general purpose of facilitating the functions of Netbox.Bridge.

Use case and purpose of the Netbox.Bridge Token

1. Facilitates connections between networks:

The Netbox.Bridge is necessary because there are already many powerful chains that are functioning and bringing value to their users. Netbox isn’t competing with those chains — it’s combining with them — and that makes interoperability a top priority.

Chains no longer need to have a self-sustaining ecosystem. The creation of Netbox.Bridge allows the transfer of funds between blockchains, which removes the competitive aspects of the chain and makes it more collaborative, while having a way larger addressable market.

Netbox.Bridge Token also serves the purpose of solving connectivity issues between intelligent contract networks. One of the significant problems of innovative contract technology is the difficulty encountered in interacting with resources running out of the mother network, Netbox.Chain. The Netbox.Bridge, as well as the Netbox.Bridge Token, solves this problem. They connect seamlessly to other blockchains, such as the Binance blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain and bring numerous utility enhancements with that.

2. Trade Netbox.Bridge Tokens

Like all tokens, NBXB can be securely traded and issued quickly on the Netbox.Bridge. With the right amount of knowledge and expertise, the Netbox.Bridge Token, made available on DEXs and other cryptocurrency trading platforms, can be easily traded between parties. In addition to the above, the Netbox.Bridge Token can be used to store wealth (like all other tokens) on the chain of the holder’s choosing.

3. Perform DeFi transactions

Netbox is currently in the next phase of expansion with Netbox.DeFi. This allows for farming, staking, lending, and prediction markets to start operating, which will create additional value for NBX holders due to all the new utility that will result. NBXB is the tool that makes this possible, as it can be used on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum chain. More information is available here.

4. Gain utility from other networks

Netbox, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain will provide access to smart contracts, DeFi, DEXs and other solutions, while keeping transactions fast and cheap. This adds a ton of utility to the token, without tying Netbox.Coin to the other networks.

Additionally, Netbox.Bridge allows to build any dApps using all advantages of Ethereum and BSC (Binance Smart Chain) smart contracts.

5. Promote Netbox.Browser

In addition to the above-mentioned use cases, NBXB can still be exchanged for NBX and gain utility on Netbox.Chain. The key point is that Netbox.Bridge creates added utility to the entire Netbox network, and Netbox.Bridge token enables that.


You now have a full understanding of the Netbox.Bridge token and how it fits into the global vision of Netbox. The company is on a mission to create and bring mainstream adoption to the first decentralized blockchain backed web browser. For a better understanding of the company and its revolutionary products, check it out here.

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