The future of the Internet is here, and it’s really cool

4 min readOct 11, 2021

With the introduction of cryptocurrencies as well as their corresponding blockchain technology, we did not just witness how the future of finance would look like, but how the entire internet would reshape itself.

Web 3.0 is the next step in a generational leap when it comes to technology. The main difference between it, and our current Web 2.0 infrastructure is that it has a heavy reliance on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Through it, the main goal of its development is to create an open, connected as well as intelligent network of websites as well as applications, something that’s possible today through the usage of blockchain technology.

The biggest promise that Web 3.0 has is that data will be interconnected in a decentralized way, much different when compared to the current centralized way through which data is stored.

However, we are actually living in the future, as blockchain technology comes really close to the fulfillment of this task.

Impact of blockchain technology

The change the blockchain represents to our digital world is enormous. It has evolved to such a massive scale and has evolved to something truly spectacular.

It has enabled the internet to have a higher level of transparency due to the fact that it essentially allows users to view the entire blockchain network, where they can see the trail of transactions. Additionally, blockchain enables a shared infrastructure between parties, which allows processes to run through smart contracts, saving time and money.

Through the usage of smart contracts, transactions can be executed between participants automatically and in synchronization. Network participants entrust the network of distributed ledgers based on their level of encryption and immutable transaction history.

What this essentially means is that each transfer, and each transaction, has to be verified before the final changes are recorded onto the blockchain network.

Blockchain technology has found its way to a lot of industries, and all of this is powered by the internet. This is one primary reason as to why the future is here, and has been here for quite a long time now, the only limitation currently is its mainstream adoption.

The decentralized Web

When we translate this to internet usage, you are essentially getting access to a high level of decentralization. A decentralized network works through a peer-to-peer connectivity method, where the computer requests services and provides them to you. Decentralized web protocols will typically use specific links which identify information based on the content, or in other words, what it is instead of where it is. Blockchain technology Is secure and allows for a high level of encryption. It tracks ownership securely, even in environments without trust.

Then you have privacy. Without a centralized entity that can collect and process all of your personal data, you are provided with a much higher level of privacy. This means that your data essentially doesn’t get used by enormous corporations for targeted advertisements or analytical data.


When it comes to Netbox.Global, is a blockchain-powered platform, and it has a product in its lineup known as the Netbox.Browser is an application that specifically serves the main function of providing users web access while also maintaining the functionality of the entire Netbox.Chain blockchain network.

This makes it a web browser with no centralized infrastructure, which means that all of the user data belongs only to the user. The decisions on the areas of the development of the browser can also be made by the community as well.

The Netbox.Chain is a network, or more specifically, a distributed transaction ledger with transactions that are written in sequential order into data structures called blocks. This means that each block points to the previous one, so it is always possible to know the state of the network at any point in time.

The bottom line

In other words, Netbox is just a representation of the future of the internet we are living in.

The Netbox.Browser essentially provides you with passive income just when you use it to browse throughout your various searches, all without using your computer resources and by implementing Proof-of-Stake (PoS) as a consensus mechanism.

In other words, a browser powers an entire network. This network is powered by each individual user who has downloaded and installed the browser, and as such, all of the services available throughout the entire ecosystem are powered by the users. The users earn the native cryptocurrency NBX coins for that specific network passively, which they can re-use to get access to the various services of the network.

What was once a simple internet, where you would just get online, search what you need to search for in a search engine, and be done with it, has re-shaped and become something truly exceptional.

The future of the internet is here, where a decentralized system works through the power of each individual user and essentially, in a way, powers itself.

This leads to a heightened level of usability, a smarter allocation of resources, and a much higher level of trust and transparency.

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