Release of Mobile Netbox.Browser

Mobile phones are used for browsing the Web by most of us as it comes in handy and is easily usable.

Making something different is always exciting!

So, bringing blockchain to mobile devices will provide an amazing experience to all crypto community.

We are delighted to announce our free mobile Netbox.Browser!

It is made to browse the Internet and earn NBX crypto coins every day simply reading news, watching videos, listening to music and hanging out in your social networks without changing your habits.

Netbox.Browser is the very first safe and fast mobile multilingual web browser with integrated crypto wallet and wide functionality:

We have made a full backward compatibility of your wallets on desktop and mobile versions of Netbox.Browser. So you can use the same wallet on different devices simply restoring your wallet with QR code.
User friendly interface and easy recovery make this solution unique!

Your non-custodial Netbox.Wallet is secure!

When you create your Netbox wallet, a unique mnemonic phrase is created also. This phrase is the nucleus of your specific wallet, and is used to derive every individual NBX address that you’ll use to send and request NBX.
All your private keys are stored on your devices only and no one has access to your wallet except you! Please always keep mnemonic phrase in secure locations!

It’s the next breakthrough on the path to creating a really decentralized Internet! You are welcome to join the future with Netbox.Global!

Download mobile Netbox.Browser:

Get paid to surf! The first decentralized web browser. Includes Netbox.Wallet, which is credited with rewards for browser usage!