PvP games on blockchain rails

Through the development of cryptocurrencies and the building blocks they’re based upon, many new trends have emerged. Although not all of them have made it to the mainstream, cryptocurrency games have the appeal to spread worldwide.

Some players play these games a few hours a day for fun, while others see it as an opportunity to climb through the ranks in an e-sports style setting.

Getting into the game

The gaming business predates cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as a whole. For decades, a large number of developers, publishers, and regular gamers have created a modern cultural trend where a diversity of genres and systems have found a home. The sector has taken its next big step with the rise of distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, and digital currencies.

Playing crypto games does not necessitate the understanding of blockchain technology. On the contrary, most players will never even realize that blockchain is the base technology that manages payments and rewards within the game. Users will, however, need cryptocurrency to access these games, and if they win, they will be paid in cryptocurrency.

The main benefits of blockchain games include digital ownership, autonomy, and decentralisation. Blockchain gaming assets are dispersed among players rather than residing on centrally managed servers.

This is creating an opportunity for indie game developers who are more ready to give up some of their centralized control than the big gaming conglomerates.

Introducing Netbox.Games

Netbox.Games is a platform that allows game creators to create new games and port old ones to the blockchain. Gamers are rewarded in NBX for playing these games, which results in increased transactions on the Netbox blockchain.

BattleShip is one of the first games to be developed on the Netbox.Games platform. It’s the perfect example of taking an old game and bringing it onto the blockchain. The phrase “you sunk my battleship” probably reminds you of playing the game as a young kid. Now, you can receive cryptocurrency rewards when you win the game! The winner doubles their bid and has a chance to climb up on the leaderboard.

The blockchain gaming sector today

Of course, there are many other games already being built out in the cryptocurrency space. Examples include Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, My DeFi Pet, and Gods Unleashed. These are instances where developers have created entire worlds for users to compete in player versus player (PvP) battles and play to earn their own non-fungible tokens (NFT) or other cryptocurrency tokens in the game.

Today we’ll explore a few of them to see what they are, how they work, and what makes them so special.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has been the main driver when it comes to this video-game revolution, as it became the first NFT game to surpass $1 billion in sales.

The game is simple to explain, especially if you played Pokémon throughout your childhood. Players can collect, train, feed, buy, and trade “Axies,” and the idea of the game itself is to obtain them through small love potions that they can be fed with. Through the use of blockchain, these Smooth love Potions (SLPs) can be used to trade on the digital market.

Furthermore, players can battle with them, which is where the PvP aspect of the game comes from. You can battle with computer-controlled opponents, a game mode called PvE (player versus environment), or through real-life players in PvP (player versus player).


That being said, while Axie Infinity has a reputation for being the first in the billions mark, CryptoKitties was the first to be the go-to NFT game where players spent over $1 million buying virtual cats on the Ethereum blockchain back in 2017.

This game is very similar and operates on the Ethereum blockchain network. Every single CryptoKitty is a non-fungible token (NFT) and is unique and owned by the user and validated through the blockchain. They cannot be replicated and cannot really be transferred without a user’s permission.

In this ecosystem, you have what is known as KotoWars. Here, each CryptoKitty is this card, and each card is given an attack score, a defense score, and an element. You can build your deck and fight with your friends or even against yourself when you fight another cat.

My DeFi Pet

This is the newest out of all of the projects, being released in May of 2021, My DeFi Pet is a play-to-earn NFT game based on monster collecting, where players raise the monsters. It was created and launched by KardiaCHain and is the first decentralized, self-optimized, and interoperable blockchain platform.

Here, you can collect, breed, evolve, train and even battle your own virtual pet. Each pet has its different shape, size, and other attributes that contribute to its level of uniqueness, power, and rarity.

There are many ways through which you can earn in the game, from PvP to PvE battles, completing daily quests, and even participating in World Boss Events. It uses a token called the DPET token, which is the primary currency that is used by the game.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is an online strategy trading card game that is also based on the play-to-earn model. The cards you will end up trading here are NFTs with real-world value based on their native GODS token.

Players are able to earn these native GODS tokens that serve the role of a payment method throughout the game, and rare cards can be transferred to FIAT money. It is a game that mints items as NFTs on a Layer 2 Ethereum network, and by owning one of these cards, you own a valuable digital asset.

In order to play, you essentially enter the battlefield that is represented as the god you choose to battle with and one of your fellow divine beings. Your cards are the creatures and spells that you end up using to fight for victory. You win by reducing the opposing dog’s health to 0, all while ensuring that the same does not happen to you.

The Bottom Line

Blockchain games are ushering in a new era in gaming with well-designed currency (tokens), economics, and gameplay. Each of these PvP games based on blockchain technology share one thing in common, and this is the fact that you can earn crypto coins just by playing the game and engaging in different battles.

The better you become in the game, and the more battles you win and better creatures you create, the higher the value of your non-fungible tokens (NFTs) becomes, which can then be sold on other marketplaces. This is what makes PvP games on the blockchain so appealing. Aside from the battling and gameplay aspect, you have real-world asset potential.

As you can see for yourself, the games already being built on the blockchain are becoming more and more advanced. The competitive nature of PvP games keeps users looking for more and more opportunities to reap rewards and have fun while doing it. Netbox.Games is still in its very early days, and is expected to see more legacy games and brand new games get added into the mix.

Join us and stay tuned for exciting new updates in the coming weeks:

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