Netbox.Global launches inaugural wave of the “Global NetBassador Program”

4 min readJul 7, 2021

To follow our long wave of exciting announcements, we continue to aim to better reach and connect with our global community. The latest initiative targeted at fostering deeper and more meaningful engagements between the global Netbox community is the “Global NetBassador Program”. The Global NetBassador Program (GNP) is the official relaunch of Netbox’s Ambassador program piloted in December 2019 and will be accepting an initial cohort of 25 Global NetBassadors.

Why are we starting the Global NetBassador Program?

The Netbox.Global community fuels all of our strategic and innovative projects and we sincerely respect and appreciate our entire community. The Netbox community has grown to over 24.9K Telegram group members, 10.7K Twitter followers, 4.3K Medium Followers and 2.6K Instagram followers. Throughout the rapid growth of our communities, one trend has stayed consistent, the larger the scale of our audience, the better our feedback channels which results in superior product development. By investing in the enhancement of our community, we’ll be able to better understand our global end users and continue to serve their requirements through our extensive product suite.

What are we looking for in the NetBassadors of our incoming GNP cohort?

At Netbox, we truly understand the value of diversity and look forward to working with individuals of different academic, professional, and personal backgrounds. Our NetBassadors can come from a variety of industries and geographies as our goal is to amplify Netbox’s reach into a variety of communities and interested groups. Our objective is also to hire a cohort of resourceful and professional NetBassadors that will be required to demonstrate the proficiency in necessary skills like communication and business acumen. We are also looking for individuals that have found value in Netbox products and share our company vision with intent to actively promote it across their networks and communities.

Why should I join the Global Netbassador Program?

Individuals interested in gaining tangible management experience and meeting like-minded individuals across the world will find a strong sense of fulfillment. We aim to support the professional development of all our NetBassadors as they join our vision of encouraging the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and radically changing the world of blockchain.

Along with many other intangible benefits, this program will also provide:

  • “NetBassador” status with additional privileges on the Netbox platform;
  • Early access to company news and events;
  • Getting featured on Netbox social media channels;
  • Access to exclusive group with the Netbox Team;
  • Online/Offline gatherings with Netbox Team and NetBassadors cohort;
  • Recognition for notable content;
  • Discounts on the purchase of Netbox.Coins;
  • Monthly NBX Pool and X% discount on the purchase of NBX (Based on Tiered system);
  • Y% commission for OTC sell-deals referred by NetBassadors.

Global NetBassador Program Structure:

  • Program Length: 1-Year (Option for prolongation);
  • Time Commitment: Part-Time — Approximately 5–10 hours/Week;
  • Program Location: Global/Remote;
  • Program Development:

— Tier 0 (Base), Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3;

— Promotion to higher Tier-level is based on community engagement, social media engagement and OTC referrals and will be initially decided by the Netbox.Global Team;

— As members get promoted and the higher Tiers grow in quantity, the Netbox team will collaborate with our Tier 2 and 3 members to enhance the promotion review process.

  • Monetary Compensation by Tier:

What You’ll Be Doing

All program NetBassadors will have a 3-month period to ensure the fit between the individual, the program and Netbox. This is also the period in which ambassadors will look to establish, increase, and, eventually, utilize their networks and communities to share Netbox.Global projects and initiatives. The program will require NetBassadors to contribute their time to various activities such as social media and community management while also engaging in meaningful interactions with other members of the Netbox community.

Minimum Requirements

  • NetBassadors are required to have at least one (1) Netbox.Global Masternode constantly running throughout contract duration;
  • NetBassadors should actively engage with all Netbox.Global social media channels and community forums as well as ideating engaging content;
  • One (1) blog post to be written about experience in Global NetBassador Program within initial 3-month period and an additional one (1) prior to completion of program;
  • NetBassadors must create and grow Netbox.Global social channels in their local region, if official local social channels exist, collaborate with existing community managers;
  • NetBassadors must transfer social and community channel ownership to the Netbox Team and remain as administrators to engage with community members;
  • Attend Bi-Weekly/Weekly Meetings to discuss content strategy, progress and any ad-hoc announcements with all other NetBassadors;
  • Netbox.Global is always looking for new opportunities and partnerships. NetBassadors will be compensated in additional fiat or crypto for providing us with any such opportunity/partnership.

To apply for the Global NetBassador Program, please visit here:

Join us and stay tuned for more news very soon:




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