Netbox Global celebrates second Genesis Block Anniversary

🎉 June 26th, 2021 marked the second anniversary of the Netbox.Global genesis block.

In an industry that is ever evolving and constantly shifting like blockchain, innovation is harder to achieve and exponentially more important for growth. The introduction and continued development of the NBX blockchain, over the past two years, has been crucial to efficiently scaling Netbox’s product offerings into an entire Netbox ecosystem.

Netbox offers a suite of over 17 decentralized products for its users including desktop/mobile web browsers, online stores, game development platforms, lottery services, etc. Netbox has also partnered with many organizations to bolster the security, development and accessibility of its ecosystem and has successfully listed the NBX coin listed on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.

Netbox.Browser serves its platform as the first web browser without centralized infrastructure and offers income, in the form of NBX coins, for activities like web browsing. In this ecosystem, all user data belongs only to users and product development decisions are democratically made by the Netbox community. This truly decentralized and collaborative approach to the ‘Internet of Things’ and product development provides a glimpse into the reason for Netbox’s rapid growth.

While celebrating past successes, Netbox hasn’t forgotten to consider the strategy on maintaining its long term competitive advantage and market share. Netbox plans to continue the rapid creation of value-driven decentralized products and is currently working on the development of new additions to its suite of products. These developments include DeFi products, cloud-based storage, video hosting, proxy server, chat and voting platforms.

As Netbox continues to grow its footprint in the blockchain space, we plan on launching 6 new applications to join our product ecosystem. As we gear up for this rapid expansion, awareness and visibility are essential to take that next leap. Partnerships, like our recent engagement with GDA Capital, are the best way to introduce our ecosystem to new audiences and to keep expanding the Netbox community.

🎁 To further commemorate this occasion and properly kick off Netbox’s exciting partnership with GDA Capital , we are doing a giveaway for $200 in NBX coins and $100 in BNB tokens for 10 winners on July 9th. To enter, follow @NetboxGlobal on Twitter and send us a tweet tagging 5 friends as well as your NBX and BNB (BEP20) addresses.

Join us and stay tuned for more news very soon:




Get paid to surf! The first decentralized web browser. Includes Netbox.Wallet, which is credited with rewards for browser usage!

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Get paid to surf! The first decentralized web browser. Includes Netbox.Wallet, which is credited with rewards for browser usage!

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