Netbox.Global announcement

1. What is Netbox.Global?

2. Netbox.Coin Specification

  • official ticker: NBX;
  • max coin supply: 100 million;
  • ICO: no;
  • PoS: yes;
  • masternodes: yes;
  • masternode collateral: 10,000 NBX;
  • Airdrops & referral program: yes.
  • PoW phase period: 200 first blocks;
  • PoW block reward: 360,000 NBX;
  • PoW algorithm: Quark;
  • PoS & masternodes phase period: after 200 first blocks;
  • block time: 60 seconds (approx. 1,440 blocks per day);
  • block size: 2MB (may increase in the future);
Block rewards distribution diagram

3. Netbox.Global decentralized products

4. Masternodes

  • ensure regular income for their owners;
  • ensure the privacy of transactions by mixing coins on masternodes;
  • decentralized voting through the Netbox.Vote mechanism;
  • Shall always be online, have a static IP address and a fixed port;
  • Netbox.Coins allocated to enable the masternode are not stored in the masternode; thus, in case of a successful attack on the server, where the masternode is located, 10,000 Netbox.Coin allocated by the user to create it will remain safe.

5. Staking Coins

  • using traditional core wallet interface;
  • using Netbox.Wallet which is integrated into Netbox.Browser you may stake any amount you wish with the Netbox Staking Pool.

6. Free Netbox.Coins for everyone

  • install Netbox.Browser and sign in your Netbox.Wallet — 20 NBX;
  • invite your friends with the Referral program — each of you will get 10 NBX;
  • get paid to surf — browse the web the way you got used to and get rewarded. The more time you spend in Netbox.Browser, the more Netbox.Coins you get.

7. Team

8. Contacts



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