Netbox Coin (NBX) trading Competition on

Competition Time: 16:00 June 23–16:00 June 30, 2020 (UTC+8)

Participants: customers.

Rules: During the event, Hotbit will rank all users according to their trading volumes of NBX (buy + sell volumes), all users who participate in the trading of NBX may share 100,000 NBX as rewards.

Details of Rewards: The users who are ranked №1 — №10 on the ranking chart will share 50,000 NBX according to their own trading volumes. The users who are ranked №11 and below on the ranking chart will share 50,000 NBX together based on the proportion of their own trading volumes compared with the total trading volumes accumulated by all users ranked №11 and below.

Note: During the event, only those users who accumulate no less than 1,000 NBX in their trading volumes (buy + sell volumes) are qualified for participating in the event.

Ranking Prizes:

Top1: 13,000 NBX
Top2: 10,000 NBX
Top3: 7,000 NBX
Top4–6: 4,000 NBX
Top7–10: 2,000 NBX
Other Qualified Users: share 50,000 NBX

Your statistics and details:

Enjoy your trading!

Project introduction: Netbox — the first blockchain browser! Each browser is a full node and receives rewards for Activity and PoS. The project was launched with ready-to-use product (without ICO, IEO).

1. The ranking chart of the event will be published within 10 business days after the event terminates.
2. All rewards of the event will be distributed within 10 business days after the event terminates.
3. Hotbit reserves the final rights on the explanations and interpretations of all rules and regulations of the event. If Hotbit detects any cheating, click farming or matched trading activities, Hotbit is entitled to disqualify all users involved in such activities from claiming their rewards.
4. Risk warning: Cryptocurrency assets are known as an innovative type of investment products that involve relatively huge fluctuations in their prices. Please do judge your own investment capabilities rationally and make your investment decisions cautiously.

Join us and stay tuned for more news very soon:



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