John McAfee AMA Session with Netbox.Global

Meet John McAfee next Monday (16th March at 3pm GMT) on

Ask your questions about blockchain, the future of browsers, dApps, streaming/podcasts and Netbox.Global here:

John McAfee is a world-famous tech CEO, computer scientist, civil disobedience activist, privacy advocate, and pioneer of the commercial anti-virus industry, and recent Libertarian candidate for President of the United States. McAfee believes that a return to the founding principles of Liberty and Justice for all is America’s only hope to restore sanity to our government and society.

In May 2016, Team McAfee launched the #VoteDifferent Initiative to support local, state, and national Liberty friendly candidates through grassroots efforts, optimized technology, and media activism.

John McAfee expects to be appointed as CEO of MGT Technologies, Inc., whereby he will launch a security and privacy revolution.

Stay tuned for more news very soon!



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