Blockchain innovations: Netbox.News release

The world of cryptocurrency is full of events and changes.

Cryptocurrency news are not only extremely important in order to make investment or trading decisions, but also help staying at the cutting edge of technology and finance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Delivering relevant news to the users of Netbox.Browser is an important goal which Netbox.News product tends to achieve.

Netbox.News is a subproduct within Netbox.Browser. Once a user opens a new tab in Netbox.Browser (and it happens quite often), he or she may watch the headlines of the current news in cryptocurrency industry. To provide more visual accents, news headlines are accompanied by pictures illustrating major news and events. Optionally a user will be able later to subscribe to notifications upon fresh news. Once there is a news marked as important, a user would have a popup notification showing a snippet even if Netbox.Browser is not launched or running in the background.

As a step towards internationalization of Netbox.Browser, Netbox.News will be available in several most speaking languages.

Stay tuned for more news very soon!