AMA with Netbox.Global at ICO Speaks: Summary

6 min readSep 24, 2021

September 17th — ICO Speaks and Netbox.Global hosted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session in the ICO Speaks Telegram Group. Representing Netbox.Global was Andrew Konon, Co-Founder and Head of Product.

Netbox Introduction: Hello everyone, my name is Andrew and I am the Co-Founder and Head of Product at Netbox Global. First and foremost, thank you for having us, I’m really excited to answer all of your questions. Essentially, Netbox Global is a blockchain-based technology firm whose mission is to correct the shortcomings that are present in current web infrastructure such as web and mobile browsers. The central goal for the Netbox ecosystem is to develop products that provide the utmost value to our global community.

Q: Can you please provide a brief introduction to Netbox.Global products and company mission?

A: Netbox provides its consumers with a suite of over 17 decentralised products and services, including web browsers for desktop and mobile devices, online marketplaces, game creation platforms, lottery services, and more. Netbox has also partnered with a number of companies to improve the ecosystem’s security, development, and accessibility. Our mission is to make the Internet freely accessible and available to everyone. We believe that empowering people to access information should be a core human right. Netbox.Browser allows you to freely surf the Web and get daily rewards in cryptocurrency, stake, and farm coins right with your wallet!

Q: Netbox has multiple blockchain based products. Most notably is their blockchain based web browser. Can you tell us why this product is superior to similar products like Brave?

A: To put it straight, Brave is a great product, but with all due respect, we don’t think that the idea of eliminating ads is sustainable — blocking ads is an intrusion to the web page, which we prefer to avoid in order to guarantee the original and unmodified content of the web page.

We are working towards eliminating annoying ads, like those popping up in new windows, but ads in Facebook or in Google are useful most of the time. There is a study that shows that contextual ads in Google search results pages are even more relevant to the user’s query than normal snippets. By no means do we want to eliminate it. We don’t want to ruin the ads business. Instead we’re making a bet on decentralized infrastructure, the private Internet, and internal economy and rewards.

Join us and feel how Netbox.Browser makes a difference.

Q: What encouraged you to tackle the shortcomings of Web 3.0 via Netbox.Global and more specifically, Netbox.Browser?

A: Thank you for such a thought provoking question! A lot of it comes down to ‘impact’ and the outcomes of the actions taken everyday at Netbox. The internet is used by almost everyone in the world and there are many gaps in the transfer of value between internet browsers and product users. Netbox aims to utilize decentralization and blockchain technology to provide the most user-friendly and frictionless experience of browsing the web and making the time spent on the internet more productive by earning rewards in the form of our coin, NBX! Thus, the ‘impact’ of building user-friendly and valuable products like Netbox.Browser vastly improves the accessibility to the internet for ALL.

Q: Netbox Global has grown rapidly and has amassed a large online community that’s socially engaged with your channels. How can community members become more involved with Netbox’s activities and be a part of the ecosystem?

A: We’re happy to have received this question. Just recently, we announced the revitalization of one of our key community initiatives called the “Global NetBassador Program.” This is one of the biggest pillars of focus in our social media and community engagement efforts and there are tons of incentives for our NetBassadors who will join us. We’re very excited to directly work with our community to better serve them and I encourage everyone that finds value in our ecosystem and wants to contribute to our ongoing growth, to visit our Medium article (Netbox Global NetBassador Program) and apply!

Q: Why did you decide to first build the Netbox.Bridge on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as opposed to the Ethereum blockchain?

A: The first step of Netbox.Bridge is a solution with Binance Smart Chain which looks more preferable at the moment from the point of transactions’ cost, users awareness, stability and future prospects.

Q: Where can individuals store and trade their NBXB tokens?

A: The most popular wallets you can use for storing NBXB on the Binance Smart Chain network are ‘Binance Chain Wallet’, ‘MetaMask’, ‘Trust Wallet’, and others. Additionally, DEX trading is available on PancakeSwap now: Pancake Swap Exchange — NBXB

Q: Are there any ways to farm NBXB or other tokens by providing liquidity to DEX pools?

A: Yes of course, it’s one of the main products we’ve released and proposed to all our users! NBXB Token holders can now earn 1,000,000 NBXB tokens by joining a farming pool and providing liquidity on PancakeSwap. You can read more about this and find all farming details in our Medium article: Netbox.DeFi and NBXB Farming

Q: What are some of the most significant project updates and product expansions that you have implemented in 2021?

A: The main and the starting point of growth was Mobile Netbox Browser release in March 2021 which allowed us to implement the Bridge solution to a wide mass of users. Netbox.Bridge is a tridirectional and reversible cross chain bridge to/from Ethereum Blockchain, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Netbox.Chain.The value can travel seamlessly between three chains: Netbox, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to provide access to: Smart Contracts, DeFi markets and DEX listings, such as PancakeSwap, Uniswap and others, while ensuring all NBX transactions are fast and cheap.The development of the ecosystem was logical with the launch of the Netbox.DeFi product which is now active and allows to farm NBXB tokens with current APY around 500% (Todis: Staking Tool).

Q: What are Netbox.Global’s future plans for Q4 2021 and what can the global blockchain community expect to see from Netbox as we enter 2022?

A: The future plans include the full redesign of the Desktop Netbox.Wallet with multilingual support which was very requested and thus, expected, by our international community and the brand new website. We also never stop researching the market and working with our roadmap to deliver best practices to Netbox users and to the entire blockchain market as well.

Q: I want to invest in your project. Where can I buy your tokens? Is it available on any exchange?

A: We would be glad to see you on any of the exchanges we are currently listed on! Here is a full list:

Q: A big problem for a lot of Defi projects seems to be that when farming starts, the price goes down because people unload to put liquidity into the farm. Will there be an incentive to hold and not just farm and dump?

A: We have a strong community of MasterNode holders who are incentivized to hold for a long term:

Q: What is the Best way to follow All your Upcoming news and updates? What are your plans for the coming Future?

A: Join our Telegram @netboxglobal and Twitter @NetboxGlobal to keep informed on all Netbox project updates!

Q: Have you been audited?

A: We have a partner which is responsible for checking all our releases for system vulnerabilities, a world wide known Kaspersky Labs. Please see our Twitter and Medium article for further details regarding our partnership and Netbox security!

Q: From where you get your project name? What is the main motivation behind your project? Do you have a specific story to share?

A: Netbox stands for like a box of tools to access the InterNET. It virtually contains everything you may need to surf the web safely and confidently and even get paid for the time you spend online. Check it out at our website: and don’t forget to engage your friends via our referral program to collect your bonus!

ICOSpeaks hosted an AMA Session with the Netbox Team. That’s all for today.

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